ADS 2021 Spring Convention Survey

The 2021 Spring Convention was ADS’s second virtual event. While the production team is gaining experience, we need reports from you about (1) how well it worked for you and (2) how it can be made better for you in the future.

The questions have multiple check boxes. Check all that apply to you. If you have comments, click on the “Other” selection (either check the box in the list or click on the word “Other”) to see a text field to type in. The text boxes will grow as you need them to. Some questions have separate “Other” boxes just in case you want to elaborate.

We look forward to your responses. This is easier than last time. You can click away on-line and hit submit when you are done. It will check if you filled in required questions (1, 1a, 2, 13, and 14 – they have asterisks) and send it automatically to us. If you did not answer the required questions, it will remind you to do so. You do not need to email or mail it anywhere. See, we improved upon the 2020 Fall Forum survey process!

Thank you so much for taking the survey!!

ADS 2021 Spring Convention Survey
1a. Did the Spring Convention meet or exceed your expectations?
2. I heard about the ADS 2021 Spring Convention: (click all that apply)
3. I participated in the 2021 Spring Convention in the following way: (click all that apply)
4. This is the second event for which ADS used Zoom. How was your experience with Zoom? (click all that apply)
4a. How did you connect to Zoom? (click all that apply)
5. About the Board of Directors Meeting (click all that apply):
6. About the lectures, presentations and judges' refresher (click all that apply):
7. About the Live Bulb Auctions (click all that apply):
8. About the Photography Show (click all that apply):
9. Some of the sessions were recorded and made available for viewing up to ten days after the session. Did you watch any of them?
10. About virtual meetings in general (click all that apply):
11. In regard to future meetings, would you be interested in programming, presentations, or panels on other topics about gardening or nature, not directly involved with daffodils?
12. We hope that the 2021 Spring Convention appealed to daffodil lovers of all types and experience. Please tell us about yourself.
13. What do you think you might do for the upcoming 2021 Fall Forum being planned for Reno, Nevada Oct 22-24.
14. What do you think you might do for the 2022 Spring Convention in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania?

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